Lesson programs and workshops are being developed to provide you the resources and instruction you personally require.  The objective is to arrange lessons in various parts of the city, at different times of the week and day to give you as many options as possible.  Everyone is encouraged to participate in lessons - the better your game becomes the more you will enjoy it!  You will be notified as soon as times and venues are confirmed.   There will be lessons for all levels of experience:

BEGINNER - for ladies with no experience at all (and remember we were all there once!) - one of these sessions is a complimentary in class and on range lesson to get you familiar with some of the basic rules, terminology and techniques so that you can get out there playing as early as possible.  During your initial games, the coordinators and other experienced golfers will be available to coach you on the course while at the same time you will have lessons available with excellent teaching pros.

NOVICE - for the golfer with a limited amount of experience - both Technique and Off Course Instruction will be made available to reinforce the experience you have already.

EXPERIENCED  - for the golfer who has been playing for a while and is looking to improve their game – generally or in specific area. Maybe you are looking to break 100 or 90 and are aware of the aspect of your game that is preventing this.